A cautionary tale of buying physical silver online during a bull run. Silver has made similar runs on price in the past only to drop back down. Beware of buying small purchases from online dealers as shipping and handling are factored into what others may normalize by calling a premium. This video gives a little insight on how to make better decisions on how and where to buy silver bullion coins, rounds or bars. NOTE: I am not a financial advisor. I’m just a guy talking about metals on the internet. Any advice given should be properly considered before making your own decisions. #silver #buysilver

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    1. Absolutely. Buy local, and give your (hopefully not crabby, old) dealer some cash to buy his kid some sneakers!

  1. I dont like LCS shops near me. Their premiums even before current spikes were always extremely high and left me with buyer’s remorse. I buy online with free shipping for 95% of my purchases to mitigate costs especially since I purchase on a small budget.

  2. I won’t buy from the UK now, because of Brexit, would get nailed with tax. As I live in the Republic of Ireland 🇮🇪, a sort of EU orchestrated loophole, is that if any silver or gold (or anything else by way of purchase or selling) came from Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK….it’s treated like the rest of the EU, vat and other taxes free, but if from the mainland UK….. your getting nailed. So i found a good dealer in Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪 instead. I find the online efforts in Dublin like high commission …..

    1. Just buy a metal detector and search everywhere , there is a lot of buried forgotten treasures in your neck of the woods . Honestly I was wanting to take a trip to Ireland and the UK to do the same thing .

  3. I’m in jersey and I am a sales tax state. After purchasing my first ounce of gold only then did I smarten up and decide to have a P.o, box in a different so I can get my gold that way.

  4. Have yet to be disappointed with APMEX’ generic silver. You don’t know what you are getting until you unwrap it, except for the fact that it will be .999 silver. I’ve received 100oz bars, 10 10 oz Apmex bars, 10 10oz sunshine silver bars, and once was a mix of nothing over 5 ounces, colored rounds, bars, oddballs.

  5. This is actually a really good point. I have always bought “free shipping” quantities, but yes, they have to work that shipping price into their premium. That being said, a dealer at a retail location is going to have a much higher rent bill than an operation run out of a warehouse in an industrial area. So it may just be a wash if you are buying several hundred dollars worth at a time. I have never been to a physical coin shop so I haven’t really gotten an idea for how premiums compare online to a retail location.

  6. That chart only shows the rigging that went on to short silver back down. Silver is better than gold, as the suppression of its value has been higher and longer. Also, silver is the second most used commodity in industry after oil. It gets blown up in smart bombs and thrown into land fills in electronic parts. Sonit has a rarity factor that gold does not have. When this global financial collapse hits, the riggers will lose control, and silver will be free to seek its true market value, 4 figures.

  7. My “local” coin shop is 75 miles away and they suck. The next closest shop is 150 miles away (they are decent). I also get charged state sales tax (5.5%). The ONLY way I have ever gotten a good deal was to buy in serious bulk.

  8. So atm a troy ounce is going for roughly $22. Literally the cheapest I can buy a troy ounce for is $30. What kind of scam is metal buying?

    1. The premiums are high right now, but you will never buy at spot from a reputable dealer. the spot price is “silver on paper” it’s not real silver. You are paying for the labor, and the transforming into a bar/coin. People are panic buying right now and dealers have lower inventories which leads to higher premiums so they can profit more. When the stock market is booming and people are not scared, premiums will drop again.

    2. Just want to add that with current ratio from premiums, gold is the better investment in this market. But don’t buy lower that 1/2 oz i recommend 1 oz. otherwise the premiums are stupid as well.

  9. Looking to invest but online is way over the price, Can’t see paying more than what it’s worth, going to take your advice and look local. Thanks for the video.

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