Virus Warning for Fond Of Writing

First I will advise regarding my previous post, I received the following comment regarding the App, FOND OF WRITING.

FOW, per a ‘Virus Total’ ( scan shows that there’s a virus in it.

Another app that can be

Another App that can be used for domination, LIFE360

Mistress Scarlet,
While it was under consideration, it was ordered to download and utilize the Life360 app, Ma’am.

It was required to note its exact movements for Her in the app, such as arrival and departure times to places such as; home, work, shopping, gas station and other locations Mistress Scarlet.
Based on its entries, the time spent on each activity (say, driving from home to the grocery store) was permanently logged so She could examine that activity at Her convenience. There were a few times it was ordered to explain its movements and route changes. In one instance, it had to leave the expressway (motorway) due to an accident and so She had it explain why it took longer than expected between the location and explain why it took each and every turn in its route. There were a few instances where She ordered it to take a specific route even tho other, shorter or faster routes were available.

It also offered Her the luxury of tracking it’s movements in real time. In one instance, it was stuck in heavy traffic on the motorway due to an accident. She texted it and ordered it to change its route due to the accident (which it did not know about) several miles (km’s) up the road. She was watching its movement in real time.

As the use of the app continued, its movements became much more restricted. As She tracked it, She would frequently send it text messages such as “Go straight home – no stopping” or “You’d better hurry so You have time to cook and eat your dinner by 7 p.m.”. If it took too long at a given activity, it had better have an acceptable explanation for Her.

There were a few times at the launderette where She questioned why it was still there when She expected it to be on its way home after it took longer than it usually did to do the laundry that day.

Since the app is used in the cell phone, it was expected to make absolutely certain the cell phone charge did not drop below 15%.

The one time it did she texted it, “your phone is at a 13% charge. You are required to keep it charged at all times. This had better NEVER happen again”. It came to learn the app also told Her what it’s battery charge was at.

One other feature in the app was She could utilize it to track it, but as administrator. She could turn off Her location settings so it was not allowed to see Her location. She had full control of the app which allowed Her to completely track its movements when it was not with Her. This of course led to more restricted movements, less time spent in social settings and increased isolation for it, which pleased Her greatly.

Mistress Scarlet, LIFE360 is a strong tool for an Owner to use in controlling Her property, holding it accountable for its location and tracking its movements. The app is simple to use and a very effective training tool for conditioning a subordinate to be when and where She pleases.
Thank You very much for allowing it to share Mistress Scarlet.

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