All of a sudden, it’s February. Isn’t it great to feel the daylight hours stretching out! January certainly feels like a long month if you live in the northern hemisphere. Dark cold nights, wet and wintery days, post Christmas sugar addictions to deal with…

Anyway, at the end of last year, I promised I’d share a few words from a wintery adventure to Cornwall, experienced throughout November and December, from the comfort and confines of my campervan. So here we go…

I had plenty of ideas in mind for my second visit of the year to this amazing county. Mainly seeing friends old and new, kitesurfing, surfing, perhaps some more landscaping work if the weather allowed.

On the topic of weather, let’s start with November. The deep plunge into Autumn. The transitional month. Also, the wettest month I can actually remember! Sure, there were epic kitesurfing and surfing conditions but when I say wet, I mean torrential.

I can still hear the rain hammering onto my campervan roof. Imagine sitting inside a giant steel drum and someone pouring an endless supply of small stones onto the roof and you’re close.

Thankfully, there were also highlights…double rainbows, easy to free-camp with outstanding ocean views, and (when the sun did appear from behind the ocean of clouds) a wild, soulful, and elemental feel to the area.

I get why people love it here in winter but it’s not summer (obviously). You do need a different attitude and mindset. That, and a ‘van that doesn’t leak when it rains. Both of which caught me out!

Then, it was December. And it was cold. I mean ‘wear your thermal leggings day and night kind of cold’.

Yet, the light seemed so bright. I know everyone says this about Cornwall but it’s a fact! And in winter, even more so. The skies are clear, crisp, and well, cold.

There were limited (and expensive) campsites to stay but this added to the adventure. As did scrapping the ice off the inside of my windscreen. #realvanlife.

But what really stood out for me was the festive feel.

The month started with a 1920’s Cotton Club dance in Plymouth. Not strictly Cornwall, but close. Dancing’s a new thing for me but what fun! There were also Christmas markets scattered around, lots of gigs happening, and some of the best coastal hiking I can remember.

Plus, it was pleasantly busy. Nothing like spring and summer but a comforting festive vibe of excitement heading into the Christmas holidays.

Perhaps I have rose-tinted glasses but December in my ‘van in Cornwall (even though it was exceptionally cold) stands out as one of my best UK campervan adventures. Strange but true, and I’d take cold over wet any day of the week.

Naturally, Cornwall has a variety of places to explore. Fowey is lovely :-), as is St Mawes and the Roseland peninsula. Cornwall also has its share of creatives. Check out Owdyado’s Theatre for some quirky and at times dark (yet hilarious) productions, and the Cornish Bank, Falmouth, for some live music action.

All that’s left to say is a visit to Cape Cornwall was a highlight; as was the walk from Sennen Cove to Lands End for the sunset and obligatory pint of Cornish Ale. Also check out the various Swing and Lindy lessons happening if you want to learn to dance and meet some lovely people.

All in all, another adventure to remember and I can’t wait to return to this part of the UK come Springtime. See you soon Cornwall! 🙂

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