#Interview with  Faye Thompson, JD for the #video edition of Who is #agile (#WIa061)
Faye was invited by Esther Derby

We talked about:
– Growing into business roles and then into #coaching
– Writing #documentation and move on before developers started
– Having to argument to be allowed to be able to talk to actual users.
– Having a career as an #attorney
– Thinking about post work life
– The only thing left is for me to die….
– I want that the things I’m doing matter
– What do I want to leave behind
– Loving the job as a #coach
– #Immigration system is broken in the USA
– Wanting to explore something more
– There is no one size fits all in agile
– Cleaning up the mess
– #ChangeFatigue
– We tried it, and it doesn’t work
– We stick around when things go bad and then we leave when things go better
– Bringing her whole self to work
– That is not how humans work
– Optimising the results instead of the use of her time
– A development team is always going to look for the most efficient way to do something.
– Giving guidance for managers…
– Reaching out years later to people that had impact on us.
– Dealing with #Cancer
– Whoever show up are the right people
-I can’t chose what happens, yet I can chose how to react to things…
– Being #angry for 15 minutes
– When one person is remote, be all remote
– Have separate facilitators for remote an in-room
– thought limiting cliché’s

Books we talked about :
– You are not so smart ( David McRaney)
– You are now less dumb (David McRaney)
– How minds change (David McRaney)

Faye invited
– Mark Kilby
– April Jefferson “Soul Craftswoman”
– Diana Larsen – Leadership Agility Advisor
– Esther Derby
– Johanna Rothmann

Faye invited Tammy Gretz

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