The “Bed Bugs in North America” survey offers a look at the North American bed bug resurgence:

1. Those who have encountered bed bugs tend to be younger, live in urban areas and rent their homes. The incidence of bed bugs is three times higher in urban areas than in rural areas due to the factors such as larger population size, apartment living and increased travel and mobility which are conducive to the rapid spread and breeding of bed bugs .


Specifically in the USA Pests were encountered:

-17 percent of respondents in the Northeast;

-20 percent in the Midwest;

-20 percent in the South; and

-19 percent in the West.

3. Most  believe that bed bug infestations are increasing.

  • 80 percent are most concerned about encountering bed bugs at hotels;
  • 52 percent on public transportation;
  • 49 percent in movie theatres;
  • 4 percent in retail stores;
  • 40 percent in medical facilities;
  • 36 percent in their own homes; and
  • 32 percent equally pointed to places of employment and friends’ homes.

The fear of getting bitten topped the list of concerns.

4. As the public’s awareness of the bed bug resurgence grows, many  are modifying their behaviors:

-27 percent have inspected or washed clothing upon returning from a trip;

-25 percent have checked a hotel room for bed bugs;

-17 percent have inspected or vacuumed a suitcase upon returning from a trip; and,

-12 percent have altered or canceled travel plans because of concern about bed bugs.

  • 16 percent inspected second-hand furniture they have brought into their homes;
  • 15 percent have checked dressing rooms when trying on clothing; and
  • 29 percent have washed new clothing immediately upon bringing it home from a store.

5. Of the 13 percent of respondents who said they knew someone who had a bed bug infestation in their home:

  • 40 percent said they avoided entering the infested home; and,
  • 33 percent discouraged those who had the infestation from entering their own home.

6. Despite widespread exposure to information, most  know little about bed bugs.

  • Nearly half incorrectly believe that bed bugs transmit disease ;
  • 29 percent inaccurately believe bed bugs are more common among lower income households, and,
  • 37 percent believe bed bugs are attracted to dirty homes.

Highlighting the survey one in five has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has.


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