Vibrant yellow diamonds are all the rage for a young bride to be. These amber-colored jewels are cheerful, fresh, and rare. Discover this major bridal trend and come over the bright side of yellow diamond engagement rings!

Diamond Engagement RingsYellow Diamond Engagement Rings Make Us Happy

Yellow is the color that represents happiness. This vivacious lemony color is the most visible to the human eye, and is especially appealing for an engagement ring. Yellow gold has been the go-to for traditional bridal jewelry for many years until white gold and platinum emerged. Yellow is now making a comeback in the form of yellow diamond engagement rings. A yellow precious gemstone circumscribed by white diamonds will stand out boldly on your ring finger.

Cultural Meaning of Yellow Jewelry

These rare yellow diamonds work beautifully to update the traditional engagement ring, but they also serve to provide deeper meaning. In religions such as Hinduism and spiritual beliefs in Ancient Egypt, yellow is commonly associated with the gods and goddesses. The regal representation is also carried into the Chinese culture representing royalty. Yellow also presents itself in the bible depicted as gold or something of great value.

In the United States, colors are closely associated with birthday months, in the form of birthstone jewelry. Women who were born in November may prefer sunny hues like their November birthstones of Topaz and Citrine. Yellow diamonds are more precious and more valuable than these semi-precious gems, so yellow diamond engagement rings may be preferable, while staying in the same color family as these birthstones.

Yellow Diamonds Over Traditional Diamonds

Unusual, unique, and vibrant yellow diamonds make for an exciting way to reveal the union of two people. Engagement and marriage is certainly among the most memorable of times in a person’s life. It’s very important to get an engagement ring that compliments the relationship, and fits the personality of the bride. A yellow ring is so special and rare, and a refreshing change from the usual white diamond rings that we are all accustomed to seeing.

Personal Significance of the Color Yellow

Yellow might bring specific memories to mind that have a special place in your heart. Favorite yellow sunflowers that he brought to you, or that yellow dress you wore on your first date.

Maybe you have an inside joke as a couple that you always remember when you notice the color yellow.

There’s more to picking out an engagement ring than just finding something pretty. You want something that fits into your love story. If yellow diamonds are a good fit, don’t hesitate to break from tradition and opt for one of the sparkling yellow diamond engagement rings.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings are Rare

The yellow diamond is more rare than the white diamond simply because it’s harder to obtain. Like any diamonds, yellow diamonds are graded according to their cut, clarity, carats, and color. There is a vast difference in tints and translucency. One type of yellow diamond in particular, the Canary Diamond, is especially pure and clear and far more valuable than November’s topaz.

Bernie Robbins provides a variety of yellow diamonds cut into various different shapes, sizes, and hues, with your choice of carats and colors. You’ll find some flexibility in the cost as you can customize the yellow diamond engagement rings. Select the size of the diamond and the purity of the metal as you are shopping, according to your budget and taste.

Browse these Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Given the many different options to choose from, some of the most beautiful yellow diamond engagement rings are featured below. These rings are all available at Bernie Robbins Jewelers.

Diamond Engagement Rings

The wedding band is shown in 18k of White Gold. The stone is presented in a cushion shaped double halo design, with a ‘Fancy Light Yellow’ colored yellow diamond placed in the center.

Diamond Engagement Rings

The crisscross band encrusted with little white diamonds carries a muted type of beauty, making the classic cushion cut diamond stand out. The color of this yellow diamond engagement ring is rich in color.



Diamond Engagement Rings

This split band ring is available in 18k White or Yellow gold, garnished with white diamonds up the sides and framing the yellow asscher cut diamond. It’s a clean and classic style.

Consider All Options when shopping for Engagement Rings

We celebrate individuality and how good it feels to be confidently different. Your approach to bridal jewelry should be the same way. A sunny and vibrant bride-to-be should take a gander at the styles of yellow diamond engagement rings at the closest Bernie Robbins location and consider all options before settling on the right engagement ring.

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