How To Use XERO | Accounting Software Tutorial for Small Business (Beginners Overview)

In this Xero tutorial for beginners, I guide you through how to get started and leverage Xero to manage your day-to-day accounting and business tasks. I walk you through Xero accounting software from the perspective of a small business owner (ME – not an accountant).

Xero is a leading, user-friendly online accounting software designed for small business. Xero is a great option for small business owners that would like to streamline their business operations and transactions. Essentially, Xero takes the hard work out of daily accounting requirements.

Talk to your accountant about the best plan for your small business. You also have access to a 30-day free trial to see if Xero is the right option for your small business.

If you’re interested in reading our full article on how to get started with Xero, you can do so here:

β–Ί In this Xero tutorial for beginners we cover the following:

0:00 Intro
01:40 What is Xero?
03:18 Business Settings
06:03 Connect Business Bank Accounts
08:25 Xero Dashboard
12:08 How To Reconcile Items
14:58 Business Options
15:42 Invoice
16:48 Bills
17:59 Accounting Options
19:47 Payroll Options
20:34 Project Options
21:08 Contact Options
21:38 Xero Apps
22:22 Xero Pricing
22:44 Outro

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Let me know if you found this Xero tutorial helpful. Also, if you have any questions make sure to drop them down below.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “How To Use XERO | Accounting Software Tutorial for Small Business (Beginners Overview)

  1. Nice video, thanks for taking the time. Just wondering whether at 13:13, (bank reco) it was an expense incurred of 4500 rather than a sales receipt in the bank.

  2. Hi Stuart, would this be possible to have a private call/conference regarding this software, so I can initiate it in my all small business companies. I manage about 10 small companies?

  3. I’m about to get started as an amazon seller and I just want an easy way to keep track of cost of goods vs total sales. I don’t have a business account yet, can I use my personal bank account with this software?

    1. Hey Travis,
      You can but I would advise against that. At least get a seperate account to set up with Xero. This will make your life a lot easier when it come to sorting out your taxes.

  4. I’m so thankful I am watching this vidπŸ™πŸ˜­. All the way from South Africa πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦πŸ’ƒ.My new client uses xero and I was so scared of using it, after this vid I’m definitely going to familiarize myself with xero. It looks very use friendlyπŸ‘Œ

  5. I found your tutorial confusing, and you skipped many steps and the reasons for things, so that I didn’t understand most of why things were done. Please dont keep skipping steps and actually explain the ins and outs of using Xero from the beggining, not just areass you think we need to know!

  6. Am looking at applying for a bookkeeping PT job that’s asked for Xero. Is it possible to teach myself in a short time lol going to wing it. Did use pulsar accounts over 30years ago! This looks more user friendly

    1. Hey mate,
      There is a small learning curve. I suggest signing up and practicing with the test company account you can access.

  7. Hi i know zero streams your expenditure from your bank account but does it stream your incomings too please?

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