If you’ve been searching for coloured gemstones at various gem and jewellery stores, you might have wondered why some stones appear more sleepy than some and you wonder if you might have remembered them incorrectly especially when comparison takes place across different stores and often, on different days and times.

Below we share a video of 2 spinels taken using the same iPhone, taken in succession on the same day. With the first 2 frames showing 2 individual stones and the last frame showing both Spinels taken in the same frame.

Spinel #A

On initial comparison, the first Spinel, Spinel A appears well-cut, with good clarity and appears to be decently lively looking. Imagine you see this gem in person at a jeweller during your search process and being quoted $X for this piece.

spinel #B

Separately, you view Spinel #2, Spinel B, on a different day or perhaps on the same day, but at a different time, from a different jeweller. This piece does appear to be more lively. Although, based on memory, you were pretty sure the first piece was probably as lively and probably had as much sparkle as the 2nd piece you are currently seeing.

And when you ask for the price on this 2nd piece, you are told a price that is considerably higher than the first. You then begin to wonder if you’re being fleeced.

Searching for your coloured gemstone of choice can seem daunting at first, but if you’re in the right hands, it is in fact a fun and educational process.

Comparing both Spinels

Now, in fact, when you watch both pieces taken in the same video (see last frame), placed side-by-side, it becomes instantly apparent the difference in sparkle, lustre and brilliance between both pieces.

A fine quality coloured gemstone with lively appearance will seem to have light radiating from within the gem. At some points, depending on light angles, fine quality coloured stones can be as sparkly as a diamond!

Comparison in lustre and brilliance between 2 spinels.

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