A United Airlines Boeing 787 collided with a Boeing 757 at Newark Liberty International Airport, causing what appears to be significant wing damage. No passengers or crewmembers were injured.

United Airlines 787 and 757 Collide At Newark Liberty International Airport

The incident occurred earlier this morning at 8:45 am ET on February 3, 2023 as a Boeing 787-9 (registration number N29981) was being moved via tug to a gate at Newark (EWR). The aircraft had landed from Johannesburg (JNB), operating as UA187, earlier in the morning. Somehow, the Dreamliner clipped the wing of a Boeing 757-200 (registration number N17133), which was parked at the gate.

The collision of the right wing of the 787 with the left wing of 757 caused extensive visual damage to the 757 and may have impacted the 787 as well. No passengers or crew members were injured by the incident and the 787 was empty when hit.

N17133 was headed for Orlando (MCO) on UA2135. A replacement aircraft had to be found, leading to a delay of nearly four hours.

United Airlines has confirmed the incident:

“This morning, the wing of a United plane parked at one door was hit by another United plane, with no passengers on board, while parking at the next door.

The passengers of the first plane disembarked normally. We book our customers on rescheduled flights on different planes.”

Pictures posted to Twitter detail the extensive damage:


Currently, there are more questions than answers. What caused this impact? Was the tug driver asleep at the wheel? How significant is the damage? Live And Let’s Fly will be following this incident closely.

This is a breaking news story. We will update this story as more information becomes available.

image: @FSXAviation3 / Twitter

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