In thi s week of Hour-A-Day Gardening . . .

Cool, Windy, and Rain

Another cool week with rain and a few days of high wind. It made work even more herky-jerky than it normally is for us juggling two small children with garden work. Plus our bee work kept us away from the gardens for the early part of the week.

More Beds

We are prepping more beds: raking over, covering with composted horse manure, and rotted bluestem straw. Between the beds are groundcloths with woodchips for paths. All of our beds are 4 ft wide so we can reach half way across from either side.

Planting Potatoes

I got the first potatoes in the ground, or better said, on the ground. I made a short tutorial on YouTube showing the method.

Greenhouse Installation

And finally, I got all the compost boxes in the greenhouse disassembled and took apart the greenhouse. Then I reassembled it in its permanent location farther back in the garden. This 10-x-24-ft greenhouse will give us enough heat in the summer for sweet potatoes and more tomato production. In the winter it will be the home of our compost system that should provide heat, moisture, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide to a few grow beds.

Volunteers and Support

We’re always looking for volunteers. If you want to spend a few hours in a garden (and take home something yummy for your trouble), reach out to us at [email protected]. It can be regular or sporadic as you have time.

We’re also asking those who get something out of reading our site, watching our videos, and listening to our podcast to join the community of supporters of the institute by throwing us a few bucks a month on Patreon. If you’re in a position to help us out, a little goes a long way. Thanks for considering it.

The Data

Here’s the breakdown day by day. This week, I worked 11:15, bringing my total to 38 minutes a day.

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