What does a bookkeeper do? This is a bookkeeper job description that gives you info about each of these bookkeeping duties: 1. Categorize Expenses & Income 2. Pay bills (Accounts Payable) 3. Invoice (Accounts Receivable) 4. Payroll 5. Prepare Financial Statements 6. Year-end Reporting If you’re interested in starting a bookkeeping business, there are lots of resources for you on this channel! Here’s video called “Start here!” that will point you in the right direction. “Start here!” video: Paperless bookkeeper: Most popular video: How to start a bookkeeping business CHECKLIST download: How to start a bookkeeping business VIDEO: ❤ My #1 recommended bookkeeper class: Bookkeeper Launch Free Class Series: Bookkeeper Launch (Affiliate link): Please SUBSCRIBE! Hit the BELL 🔔 icon to be notified of my new videos each week (after you’ve subscribed, the bell is next to the subscribe button) ➡ My website: ➡ Facebook: MY CLASS TO HELP YOU START BOOKKEEPING: All the info you need: Video with all the info: Master checklist: 50% off Quickbooks for 6 months: (affiliate link for new users). This is best for business owners who want to get started–bookkeepers should get QuickBooks Online Accountant. ▶ What to watch next: Playlist for bookkeepers: Bookkeeper Q&A: Bookkeeper SKILLS: Get bookkeeper experience: Work from anywhere: Impostor syndrome for bookkeepers: Bookkeeping is figureoutable: Impostor syndrome for bookkeepers: 10 reasons to start bookkeeping: Monthly bookkeeper tasks: Client onboarding: Why start bookkeeping: FREE bookkeeper certification: ProAdvisor TEST TIPS for Quickbooks Online: How much to charge: How many clients to earn 100K? Bookkeeper Q&A: Minimalist bookkeeping: Time off for bookkeepers: How I run my bookkeeping business: How to start a bookkeeping business: Day in the life of a bookkeeper: Bookkeeper FAQs: COST to start a bookkeeping business? Why I became a bookkeeper: What does a bookkeeper do? Bookkeeper certification? Bookkeeper interview: Creative childcare: Rock your next interview: #bookkeeper #finepoints #bookkeeping This description box may contain affiliate links. I only endorse companies that I genuinely believe in. This help support my channel and continue to provide lots of free, valuable content.

25 Replies to “WHAT DOES A BOOKKEEPER DO? Job description”

  1. Thanks for watching! Are you a bookkeeper or thinking of starting a bookkeeping business? Let me know what questions you have!

    1. I use to be a bookkeeper in Argentina for a lot of years 4 years ago. I have an interview coming up and I’m very excited but kind of afraid because I didn’t use Quickbooks system I did bookkeeper job over software like SAP I’m no sure if both systems are very different or if they are the same.

    2. Hi FinePoints,
      Thanks for your video… Was insightful. I’m interested in being a bookkeeper; please can you provide guidance on how to start up?

    3. I have option to learn MYOB or Xero through my course, which you think is more recognised?

    4. I don’t have any experience bookkeeping but I have a degree in business and I took a couple of accounting courses so I’m familiar with financial statements and balance sheets. I’m interested in started a business. Do you have any advice for me? Thank you.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Do you know any schools available for to help people with learning disability

  3. What do you do when the client loses the receipts. Not all of them but some of them? Do you still categorize the transaction or do you exclude and classify it as owners expense?

  4. Thank you for your video! It was very interesting!
    How do you record personal transactions made by owners , like, you know, hair salon or spa, or buying clothes ? Like – loans to/from shareholders , Personal ? ( Equity ?)

  5. Hi …

    I want to start my career in bookkeeping as freelancer … i have experience of 6 years in banking sector … but i am very new to this profession .. can you guide me that how can I start ?

    Thank you

  6. I really want to do this I’m already in school for accounting but I feel like I can do this, if i was to do this business part time how much money could I make a month

  7. Explained this better than my teacher I’m in community for business (taking beginner accounting classes) this has been very helpful with describing the lingo

  8. I graduated a year ago with a bachelor’s in science with an accounting emphasis. I have been having a hard time finding accounting jobs that don’t want 5 years experience. Would book keeping be a good option to look into?

    1. Bookkeeping could be a great option! You have a solid financial background it sounds like, and you don’t need any certifications to get started. -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

    2. @FinePoints thanks for responding. It’s hard to find any jobs sadly. I’ll keep looking though!

  9. I have few questions. There are 3 partners A,B,C in partnership llc. So what type of accounts to make for them in chart of accounts in QuickBooks at the time of their investments. Suppose A has invested $100,000, B has invested $ 200,000 and C $200,000. The second question is that the business has incurred loss in first year of its operations $ 150,000 and in second year 100,000. A profit and share ratios are A 50%, B 25% and C 30%. So which account and how they will be distributed in QuickBooks accounts. I want to know the specific chart of accounts for these 3 partners. How to make current accounts for these 3 partners with debit balances due to loss. Please reply me and make 1 video also for partnership business with the 3 partners A, B, C in QuickBooks.

    1. This is a specific question, and we recommend networking inside different FB groups to get answers like this 🙂 -Gabe (FinePoints Admin)

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